A Peaceful Island Getaway In The PNW

When I was a kid I hated going up to Orcas Island, WA to visit my family. I lived in California, things were so fun here, there was always something to do! Meanwhile, Orcas was just so... boring. They had one movie theater that played one movie a week. If you wanted to swim you had to go to a lake. There was no Taco Bell! I never understood why my dad, and my aunt, and my grandpa wanted to live up there.

Now that I’m grown I understand. Now going up to Orcas is one of my favorite things. It's quiet up there; peaceful, slow, and beautiful. Being there is like putting your batteries into a charger. It makes me want to slow down and not work and just put my feet up and stare at the trees; which is crazy because who has time for that?!?

I love my work. I love writing, I love editing photos, I love taking photos, I love everything that I do, and I love being busy, but when I’m on Orcas it’s so relaxing all I wanna be is chill. It’s like a totally different world.

It’s even better when a bunch of us go out there at the same time so we’ve got a lot of cousins and there’s tons of family time. Something about everyone coming together from our corners of the world back to this safe spot that has always been there for us...it's special.

That’s the thing about Orcas, it just feels safe. You’re on an island with a population of like 3000. Most people know each other, or they know of each other. When people go to town (which is tiny and made up of two main streets) they don’t lock their car doors or worry about being followed down a dark alley. It’s just peaceful. I mean sure there’s a lot of wilderness, and it is possible that some madman serial killer is going to come after you in the woods one night, but the truth is he wouldn’t get very far. They'd catch him as soon as he got on the ferry.

Another thing I really like that I didn’t notice when I was younger, or maybe it’s changed since then, is that the island attracts a lot of really creative people. You've got all different types of artists and weirdos mingling together, and it makes for some really interesting scenery, but it also gets your creativity flowing just by driving around and exploring. It's the perfect place to craft, paint, sculpt, write...or whatever your outlet is. Something about the atmosphere just brings it out of you.

I started this as a trip report, but I guess now it's a love letter to Orcas Island, lol.

But rest assured my trip up there was amazing. I already miss my family and I'm ready to go back. Enjoy the photos, and the peek into the casual, kick-back, super chill, side of my life.


This whole album is dedicated to my little sister Layla!

She's the cutest ever and she deserves her own album!

And here's a video compilation of the cutest puppy.


It's an Island. If you're not on the water, are you really doing it right?


We spent an amazing day at Cascade Lake! The weather was perfect, the water was warm, and the floaties were floating!


Friday the 13th photoshoot we did at the lake. My cousin Randall was sweet enough to put on a Jason mask and swim in the weeds for me!

Hat: Amazon

Top: Hot Topic

Bottoms: Target


And just for fun...here's a photo of me with one of my Aunt Kelly's chickens!