Avengers Campus: A Quick Little Trip

Last month we took a quick trip to Avengers Campus, just to hang out and enjoy the atmosphere one last time before my surgery would keep me in bed for a while.

We snagged a place in the virtual queue for Webslingers, so after a quick walkthrough of the Campus (just to see which of our Avenger friends were out and about) we headed there.

After we helped Peter save the Campus from runaway spiderbots, we spent some time just hanging out, enjoying the sites, and saying hi to our friends.

Then we headed to Pym's Test Kitchen. Because when you're starving, you go to where the giant food is.

At that point, it was hot...we were ready to head home and hang by the pool...but I couldn't leave without a couple of Spiderbot battles! My Roxybot is too cute to keep in her bag!


These guys are the CUTEST!!