Disney Merriest Nights Holiday Party Review and Trip Report

Merriest Nights is an extra-ticket event held on select nights at Disneyland this Holiday season.

Tickets are $165-$175

Party Dates are November 11, 16, 30, December 7, and 9. At the time of this post, all tickets are sold out.

The party starts at 8 pm and goes on until 12 midnight. Ticket holders may enter the park at 5 pm.

The party festivities include photo opportunities, live entertainment, a dance party, A Christmas Fantasy parade, and exclusive food items.

Parking is not included.


When I heard about the Disneyland Merriest Nights Party, my first thought was “nope, I’m not doing another ticketed event”. But my husband really wanted to go, and my mom really wanted to go, so when the tickets went on sale, there I was, sitting in the virtual queue, buying us six of them (three for us, and three for friends).

As the night got closer, I got more excited (as we do with Disney events, lol), and got down to business choosing my outfit, coordinating with friends, and making a game plan for the night. I feel like I should mention at this point that my husband has Lupus, and he hasn’t been to Disneyland in years, so this night was really all about him. The plan was for him to stay as long as he could, and for us to do the things he wanted to do first, and then we would see where the night took us.

Tickets to the event allow you to enter the park at 5 pm, but we decided not to go until almost 8 pm when the actual festivities started. It was dark when we arrived, so the park was lit up like a magical wonderland, and it was 70 degrees outside, so there was no need for jackets. The perfect California Christmas evening!

When we arrived there was a bit of a line, but it moved quickly, and soon we were inside the park, getting our wristbands and Christmas bulb lanyards.

We made our way down Main Street, enjoying the lights, the tree, and the castle, and just taking it all in. Unfortunately pretty much everyone else was doing the same thing, so there was a bit of a bottle-neck-traffic-jam nightmare, but we made it through, lol.

Our first stop was Haunted Mansion Holiday, and although they weren’t packing the stretching room, and it was a comfortable amount of people for these Covid conscious times, the hallway was absolutely jam-packed! Shoulder to shoulder, no personal space, and hot as hell. I wasn’t sure we were gonna make it through the first ride, lol. But we did, and everyone survived and had fun, so it was a win!

From there we decided to go grab a spot by Small World to watch the Parade. We got a great spot across from the Small World Promenade, where we were able to watch the characters from Frozen interact with guests (the Duke of Weselton and Oaken were hilarious!) and enjoy the lights and music. Unfortunately, the crowd was a bit too much for Kiegan, and he had to call it quits before the parade started.

I walked him out and got him in a car and was able to make it back in time to see some of the parade, and then met up with the rest of my party and some other friends I hadn’t seen since before the pandemic started.

We decided to hit some of the photo ops, but the lines were long, so we didn’t get to as many as we would have liked, but I love the shots we got.


I had a good time at Merriest Nights, but that was mostly because of the people I was there with, and all the friends we ran into. It’s always nice to be in Disneyland when it isn’t as crowded as it is during the middle of the day, and when we were just walking along enjoying the sites, sounds, and company, it was great.

Unfortunately, even though there wasn’t enough time to do everything, it still felt like there wasn’t enough to do to make the ticket price worth it. It’s billed as “six parties in one celebration”, and while there was a different vibe to each land, it didn’t really feel like a “party”, so if that’s what you’re looking for, head to Tomorrowland. That’s the place with the most party-like atmosphere. The parade is the same Christmas Fantasy Parade that they have every year, and although it’s a classic and we love it, it’s not really worth paying extra for (especially since there’s only one, and it’s incredibly crowded). The character photo ops were cool, but I almost wish we hadn’t gone on opening night so that we could have planned our photos better (we missed a few that were really special, like Scrooge and Goofy from Mickey’s Christmas Carol). And the highlight of everyone’s night that I’ve talked to…the Muppets Christmas Caroling Coach, is a ton of fun…if you’re one of the lucky people who can actually see it. It plays at the end of Main Street between the Partners Statue and Jolly Holiday, but it’s such a small area that there isn’t much viewing space.

If you’re a Disney fan and a Christmas fan, and you plan ahead; you can make the night worth it. It was merry and cheery and holly and jolly…but it wasn’t a huge upgrade from a normal night in Disneyland during the holiday season. If you have a ticket, I hope you enjoy it! And if they do it again next year, I hope they add a few more things (maybe take some hints from the Holiday party at WDW) to make the cost really worth it.


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