Fabulous Flashback* A Special Night With My Brother, A Queen, And Aiden Sinclair

*where I flashback to some of the fabulous events I've attended because they were so fun they deserve their own post!


Pre-pandemic I spent quite a bit of my time on the Queen Mary, and the majority of it was spent in the Revenant Room Theater and Lounge with Aiden Sinclair and Rebecca Knight attending their amazing, and always entertaining show, Illusions of the Passed. And whether it's "Legends of the Queen Mary", "Ghost of Christmas Passed", "Voyages to the Other Side", "A Night to Remember", or a paranormal investigation, every time I go it reminds me why I love the ship, magic, spooky shit, and attending a damn good show.

Sometimes I'm there as press, writing an article or review for a website or publication, but my dearest memory I was there as a guest, and the reason it was my favorite is that this time, I got to take my brother. This is a big deal for me! It had been over a year since I had seen my younger brother, and this was the first time he'd come down to SoCal to visit me. Not only that, but my brother, bless his heart, is the total opposite of me. He doesn't like going out. He doesn't like being around people. He really doesn't like spending money...but I was positive he would like Illusions of the Passed, and I was right! 

We spent the afternoon strolling around The Queen Mary, with me playing tour guide. We explored the ship from top to bottom, peeking into every nook and cranny we came across like we were kids without adult supervision. We took tons of photos, another thing my brother hates to do, but about halfway through he was having as much fun as I was, and watching him walk around the ship with a ring light around his neck (because he "was tired of putting it down") was hilarious! We had a really nice quiet dinner at the Chelsea Chowder House & Bar, and not once was there a lull in the conversation. It was the perfect day.

Then we headed to the Revenant Room lounge, which is honestly one of my favorite spaces to hang out. It’s decorated with Aiden’s art, and artifacts that he’s collected in his travels, and each one has a plaque that tells you its story.

Ever since Aiden arrived on The Queen Mary, and started his theatrical séance, reports of paranormal activity increased dramatically, and getting to be a part of that is amazing! Although I can’t say for a fact we've been visited by spirits during our paranormal investigations, there’s no doubt in my mind that they are there, and ready and willing to talk. Each night is a little different, but what makes the show really stand out from any others is Aiden’s storytelling. That, combined with the setting and ambiance, is sure to put anyone in the mood for some paranormal fun!

And it was fun! And we had a blast! And as much as I love the Queen Mary, and Aiden's show, the night was really about was spending quality time with my brother, and finding something that we both really enjoyed doing together. And who would have thought it would be ghost "hunting"! I'm not saying that he's gonna jump right up the next time I ask him to step away from his video games and run off to some crazy social event with me, but I really do feel that we've started a new chapter, and maybe, just maybe, he'll agree to join me again on my favorite haunted ship. 

So thank you, Aiden and Becca, for allowing me to be your guest on this night, and giving me an awesome experience with my brother. And thank you to my favorite Queen, for hosting us. I hope you'll open your doors again soon so I can walk your decks once more.