How To Have The Perfect Spa Day At Home

This weekend I treated myself to a spa day. All-day long with no electronics, peaceful sounds, a massage, and a lot of soaking and skincare! Unfortunately, we can't always spend the day at a luxurious spa (as much as we wish we could), so here are my top tips for a perfect spa day at home!

1. Make A Plan

Decide what you want to accomplish during this time for yourself and prepare your mindset for the day. Make a list of everything you need to create your perfect spa day at home, including candles (my favorites are from Voluspa) or a scent diffuser, beauty products, clean towels, a playlist you love ( look up 'music to massage' or 'music for meditation' playlist on your favorite app), refreshments… and a baby(or pet)sitter, if possible.

2. Set The Scene

Your own (sparkly clean) room of choice (or even outside), fresh towels, feel-good products, and some solitude are all you need. This is your time, so no dogs, cats, significant others, emails, texts, FaceTime, or cellphones. Dim the lights, light your candles and then slip into a super comfy robe.

3. Get To The Good Stuff

Now it's time to spoil yourself! Run a bath, let the steam from the shower fill the bathroom, lay a crisp clean sheet out...however you wanna start your spa day is up to you. I like to start in the shower, get the bathroom super-steamy to open my pores, and do a good head-to-toe body scrub. Then I let the bathtub fill up while I apply my favorite face, hair, and hand masks. After I've soaked for a while and I'm nice and relaxed I head back to the shower to rinse off. Then I slather my skin in a variety of lotions for the face, hands, body, and feet. And I like to end by laying down on a clean sheet, closing my eyes, taking some deep breaths, and letting my mind wander.

It's not the same as spending the day in a luxury spa, but it does wonders for my skin and mental health...and my bank account likes it better too.