Is it June Already?!?

Hey, Pop Tarts! I can't believe it's already the middle of June! Where the F did the month go?

My dear Pop Tarts, can you believe we're almost halfway through the month? When I took the month of May off and decided to come back to work in June, I didn't think it was gonna take me 10 days to get started!

Things have been…crazy! In the past month, I've gotten a house, packed up my apartment, moved, done two Dapper Days, gone to Disney World, worked Drag Con, reached 1k+ on TikTok, went to a Ball, took many trips to Disneyland, and unpacked… good thing I took the month off huh?

Y’all, I am tired!

But, I’m also happy. I love my new house, I had the best time on vacation, I met so many awesome people this month, and I’ve started going live on TikTok and am building an amazing community over there!

I feel..good. Happy. Content.

So I just wanted to pop in, say hi, let you know I’m back and you’ll be hearing from me soon, and that I’ve got some really cool stuff in the works!