My Must Have Items For Hanging By The Water

It could be argued that I have an addiction to bodies of water. Lakes, rivers, creeks, oceans, and especially swimming pools.

Want me to come to your hotel? Show me pictures of the pool. Want me to come hang at your house? Tell me you have a swimming pool. I love going in the water.

If it was up to me the majority of my life would be spent either in the water, by the water, or near the water... and really, it is up to me, so that's where I spend my time.

(Wanna know a secret, I'm allergic to the sun...this is a cruel joke the universe played on me, so I'm all about the 3 S's: sun block, shade, and stylish coverups!)

Being the mermaid that I am, I of course have my "can't live without them" products that I wouldn't be caught shipwrecked without.

Here are my tried and true favorites:


If I'm in the sun, I need a hat. And I need it to have a good brim. I also like wearing my hair up, so I prefer a visor...or I'll cut the top off my hat.


Sunscreen is a must! On my face (wrinkles are a big no), on my body (gotta protect the tattoos) and I even wear it under my clothes depending on the fabric. I'm a huge Neutrogena fan when it comes to skin care. It never makes me break out, it's not too heavy, and it's not greasy.

Lip balm:

Lips need sun protection too!

Cover up:

I'm all about the swimsuit cover up, and I want it to be SPARKLY!

Water shoes:

I won't go in a lake or river without water shoes, and I'm not real keen on going in the ocean without them either. My feet are sensitive, and I'd rather look silly than have them all cut up.

Water bottle:

You gotta stay hydrated. And on a hot day when you're outside it's best to have a water bottle that keeps your drink cold.

This one even has a stash spot in the bottom.

Blanket (travel size, water proof, etc):

On the beach, at the lake, anywhere you don't wanna sit on the ground and get dirty, this is perfect. Its waterproof, travel size, soft, comes with stakes, and has pockets. It's perfect.

And just an added bonus, I love this noodle seat when I'm at the pool:

I found this and I had to have it! It's a mesh seat that slides onto a pool noodle and turns into a nice little pool chair. I love mine!