New world, New site, New blog, New me?

I was quite a few hours into updating my old blog and I thought to myself... why? We basically live in a new world. There's definitely a new normal. Why am I trying to give a makeover to an old, outdated website?

So I stopped, and deleted it, and decided to start from scratch. In hindsight maybe I should’ve archived some posts and kept some things around, but it’s too late for that now. Clean slate, fresh start.

We live in a new "post pandemic" world, I have a new website, it has a new blog.. but I’m still pretty much the same me. A little older sure, a little wiser definitely, but still the same sparkly ball of fun and positivity!

You can still find my stuff on the other websites that I wrote for, but now I'm writing for myself, and I decided to take a page out of Vegas‘s handbook. Demolish one thing and build something better out of the rubble. And sure, maybe there’s a few hints of what used to be there for nostalgia's sake, but all in all the new one is cleaner, better, prettier, and more modern. A reflection of today, instead of throwing a fresh coat of paint over yesterday.