FX Network's SOUND FX experience at Grand Park

Last night I went to Grand Park in downtown Los Angeles to check out the SOUND FX experience. The SOUND FX campaign was "created to deconstruct FX shows into the sounds that are used to enhance the emotional viewing experience, then reconstruct sonic elements inspired by FX genres in visually arresting sculptures and composed soundscapes". It was designed by Vita Motus; a woman-owned, production design firm driven by artistic passion and grounded in industrial expertise.

Let me tell you, this experience DID NOT disappoint! I had seen photos, and when FX invited me to come see it, I asked if I could come at night, because it's cool during the day, but nighttime is when it comes alive!

A subversion of the ubiquitous angel wings of LA, these wings are a dark reflection of modern interpretations of horror and sci-fi.Through the blending of futuristic 3D printing technology with avant-garde industrial beauty "the viewer is inserted and engulfed into a chaotic hive of audio, before moving into a relative aural sanctuary, vacillating between dissonance and harmony".

I had an amazing time shooting, and it was truly a one of a kind experience!

The installation is open to the public: September 23-27, 2021 at Grand Park

200 N Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012 (Closest Address)

Cross Streets: Grand Ave between W 1st St and W Temple Street


Thank you so much FX and everyone who made this possible! Here's a couple of behind the scenes shots just for fun!



Dress: Amazon

Purse: Betsey Johnson

Shoes: Betsey Johnson

Jewelry: Betsey Johnson

Hair flowers: Tarina Tarantino