The Most Comfortable Shoes You'll Ever Own

What are the most comfortable shoes you own? Are they actually super comfortable? I love shoes. My closet is full of sparkly, beautiful, fun, fabulous shoes...and most of them can only be worn for a few hours before they hurt my feet. A whole day at a theme park or walking the Vegas way.

Because I spend so much time walking, and because I love my feet and don't want them to hurt, have blisters, and torment me, I've tried a lot of different brands of shoes. Like... a lot. Everything from the cheap ones you get at Walmart to the Louis Vuitton sneakers I love to look at...I have tried them ALL. But it wasn't until I started wearing Vionics that I truly understood what comfortable shoes were.

And when I say most comfortable shoes, I don't mean, "oh these shoes are ok" comfortable. I mean, "I spent 3 days in a row walking in Disneyland in the middle of the summer and didn't get a single blister, didn't have a single foot pain, didn't have any leg pain" comfortable shoes! I mean, "I might never buy another brand of shoes again" comfortable. I mean, "Hey Vionic please sponsor me because I think I'm in love with you" comfortable shoes.

Below are some of my favorites, but I encourage you to look at all the styles and try the ones you adore the look of...because you're about to fall in love with your new absolute most comfortable shoes ever!