The Nightmare Before Christmas Live to Concert

When my dear Richard Kraft asked me if I wanted to spend Halloween night watching Danny Elman, Billie Eilish, Paul Reubens, Ken Page, “Weird Al” Yankovic, and the rest of the amazing cast performing The Nightmare Before Christmas live, of course, I said yes! I couldn't think of a better way to end the Halloween season and start the Holiday season!

Michelle and I got to the Banc of California stadium early, so we could find our seats (they were amazing), get some food (it was ok), check out the photo ops (so fun), and just generally have a relaxing time instead of feeling rushed. We all know that if you attend an event like this, the parking can be a nightmare, the lines horrible, and the organization completely missing. I'm thrilled to say this wasn't the case at all! Everything went smoothly, from parking to vaccine checks to bag checks to seating.

John Mauceri, everyone's favorite Nightmare conductor (and former conductor of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra), started off the evening leading the orchestra in Skeleton Dance, a Disney Halloween favorite!

After that, the overture started, accompanied by original concept art by Tim Burton. And then...the real show began! Greg Proops (also from the original voice cast) led the backup chorus (they were SO GOOD) and then came Jack...I mean Danny...I mean Jack...ok look, Danny Elfman was so incredible, had so much energy and so much presence, he truly was the Pumpkin King! That voice, the way he moved, his facial could tell he was living his best life and we were all right there living it with him!

Paul Reubens, “Weird Al” Yankovic, and Danny Elfman were so enjoyable to watch as Lock, Shock, and Barrell. They looked like they were having a party! And Ken Page killed it during his Oogie Boogie set. I wish there had more for them to do, because all of them were amazing.

And then out came Billie as Sally. In a super cute version of Sally's dress, with the stitches painted on, she gave Sally's Song a beautiful haunting sound. I didn't take any video of it, because I was on facetime with my bestie Katie so she could enjoy her favorite part of the movie with us, but luckily thousands of other pople did!

The evening came to a close with as much, or maybe even more, energy and excirment as it started with. And… as per tradition… we were treated to an Oingo Boingo encore performance of “Dead Man’s Party"!

The night was pure magic, and I'm so happy and so feel so blessed that I was invited to go! The only thing that could have made it better would have been big hugs from Richard and Nicole (it's been too long and I miss them!), but I know better than to interupt a Director at work!