The Saguaro Palm Springs

Sometimes you just need to get away for a couple of days, and if you live in Southern California, that might just mean a staycation in Palm Springs.

But you know us, it can't just be any old boring hotel in Palm Springs that my friends and I escape needs to be bright, colorful, and over the top...just like me. Enter, The Saguaro Palm Springs!

The Saguaro claims "Palm Springs gets 350 Days of sunshine each year. Come get some color!" And while I can't guarantee that their weather forecast is correct, they do deliver on the color! This place is bold, beautiful, and bright!

It doesn't matter if you're hanging by the pool, getting zen at the spa, swinging in a hammock, or just chilling in one of their reFRESHed rooms, everywhere you look is a photo opportunity that brings a smile to your face, or at least it did to mine, because you know I'm happiest when I'm surrounded by over-the-top excess!

Not to say that The Saguaro is perfect, no place is! We did have a couple of hiccups when we got there. In our first room, the air conditioner was leaking, and the carpet was more swamp than solid ground, but they quickly found us another room. Unfortunately, the air conditioner in that room was on the fritz (also, that room was yellow, and I'm just not a yellow room person, lol). But again, they found us another room very quickly (it was fuchsia!!!), and were super helpful and accommodating through the whole ordeal. Yes, I used the word ordeal, but only because it was 110 degrees out, so switching rooms that many times in hallways with no AC was a pain, lol. But once we were settled it was all good!

Overall, we had an amazing time, and I would absolutely go back...although I might pick sometime other than August to go to Palm Springs in general because that is some intense heat!

Heading to Palm Springs and want a super fun, colorful experience? Check out The Saguaro, "where everyone’s welcome, and all are celebrated".