The Surgery Saga

CW: This post contains images that may be considered graphic.

Last year I had to go to the dentist. Yes we were in a pandemic, but I figured the dentist was a safe enough outing. While I was there, he asked if he could do a CT scan, because there was something that "looked off". I said yes; and what it revealed was that my upper jaw bone/cheekbone were deteriorating, and were now the thickness of three sheets of paper. If I got hit in the face, my face would collapse. If I did nothing and let it keep going, in a few years, my face would collapse.

Obviously there was only one choice. I needed bone replacement surgery.

I went to numerous doctors, got many opinions, and decided the best way to proceed.

In December 2020 we did my first surgery, which was removing all my top teeth, and doing a dozen bone grafts to make sure my body took the new "bones" ok.

In April 2021 we did the second surgery. They cut open my jaw, rebuilt the bone structure between my gums and my eyes, added 4 posts (two that go almost to my eye sockets and two shorter ones), and then gave me brand new teeth (that part is pretty cool, not gonna lie, I really like my new teeth, lol)

At this point, I thought I was done! All I had to do was rest and heal and I'd be good to go! But as we all know, life has a way of kicking us when we're down. At the end of June I got a toothache, on my bottom jaw. I knew I had one baby tooth left down there, so I figured that was it, and I was right. I went to the dentist, told them to just pull it out (it's a baby tooth, nothing else you can do), and it's super easy; no roots, hardly any pain, pops right out! But not this thing I know they've got me singing a form saying that I consent to emergency surgery. Turns out that little fucker had fused itself to my bone, and they had to BREAK MY JAW to get it out.

A few days later, I wasn't feeling so good, so I went back, and that's when they discovered the infection. It was spreading across my bottom jaw, and they had to pull two more teeth on the spot.

And this was the point where I finally lost my shit. I called the office who did my top jaw surgery, asked for an appointment, went in, had them look at my bottom jaw, and scheduled another surgery for August. If my teeth were gonna act like assholes, fuck em, they had to go, lol.

So on August 19 2021 I went in for what (I hope) is my last surgery. Turns out it was good that I did, those bones weren't doing so great either, but this time we caught it in plenty of time. They ripped out my teeth, added some new bones, threw in a few posts and some brand new fancy teeth, and sent me home!

Update September 18 2021

Unfortunately, this recovery hasn't been as easy as the others. Remember that sneaky infection? Turns out, it was still there, hiding, and now it's back with a vengeance. So here I am, a month later, still in bed (I had hoped to be on the couch by now), still no energy, on my second round of antibiotics, in horrible pain, hoping every day when I wake up that I'll start feeling a little bit better.

It's been a tough year, but I fully plan on ending 2021 happy and healthy, and I can't wait to soar into 2022 with a renewed spirit, some new bones, and a huge smile on my face.