Fabulous Flashback: Spooky Season 2019

Since last year's Halloween Season was spent recovering from surgery (mine) and in Covid quarantine (my son and husband), and 2020 year everything was closed due to the Pandemic, I decided to dedicate this Fabulous Flashback post to a few of my favorite spooky season events from 2019.

Knotts Scary Farm

Always my favorite and the one I miss most, Knotts owns my heart. They have a passion for what they do and a budget to back it up, and what you get is amazing!

Halloween Horror Nights- Universal Studios Hollywood

HHN is all about the sets, props, and licenses; but in 2019 they introduced Pandora's, an original house that blew me away! HHN is all about the small details, and that makes it worth the trip every year.

The Derry Canal Days Festival and Funhouse

IT Chapter Two came out in 2019 and leading up to the opening we got our very own Derry Carnival in Hollywood. Games, prizes, and one wicked funhouse! We also went and saw the movie (a few times, lol) and got to enjoy the photo ops that the theaters had put out.

The 13th Gate Asylum

We drove all the way up to Oxnard for this one, and it did NOT disappoint! The maze had absolutely nothing to do with the storyline, the rooms don't have anything in common...and that's how they like it! And so did we! From the friends I went with to the amazing people who I met that run this place, this was an absolute highlight of the season!


No Halloween season is complete without a couple of trips to Disneyland! We did one night at Oogie Boogie Bash, a couple of casual days in the park, and a photo day. All of them were magical, and I can't wait to go back in 2022.


Thank you and shout out to the incredible media and PR teams that run these events! Every experience is a great one, and every invitation is appreciated! I can't wait for spooky season to start this year!